As this payment method must be done manually, we will not be able to approve your application on a weekend or holiday, but we will process your approval on the first business day after we have received your initial fee. Once your application has been approved, we will send you an instructional email to notify you of your Partner approval.
Important: You will not be approved as a Partner until we receive and deposit your initial fee.

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A joint applicant may be a spouse, 'significant other' or a business partner. Be advised that subsequent removal of this joint applicant will require the consent of the same.

When sending email to you, we will endeavor to send it in the language you prefer, if we have the particular email translated into that language.

Please provide an alternative email address which can be used to contact you should your primary email address become undeliverable.

A company name should be entered only if commissions should be paid differently than to just the (First Name, Last Name).

If a State/Province is required to deliver mail in your locality, please include the generally recognized abbreviation or full name of your State/Province.

Required for US taxpayers. Use either SSN, EIN or TIN.

Enter your telephone number including the area/country/city codes.

If your card has a 'Card Code'/CVV2, then you must enter it or your credit card will not authorize.
Card Code Examples

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